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Serving Golfers Since 2006!

11301 Penny Rd.  
Suite E
Cary, NC 27518

Every Golfer Needs a "Club Guy"...Do you have one?

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will be closed 

Saturday, October 12th thru Thursday, October 17th.


Starting October 2019 we will be closed Sundays for the rest of the season.


Here are some pictures from the exciting changes here at Club Guy Golf!


Be sure to drop in and check out the new hitting cage and second launch monitor!



What to expect when you come visit Club Guy Golf

Club Guy Golf is here to give you more fun, more confidence, and more wins in your golf game.

To do this, we need to first evaluate where you are and where you want to be. 

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What kind of Fitting are you looking for?

Which fitting is best for you?

Here at Club Guy Golf we provide fittings that either help fit your current clubs to you, or help you to get the specifications you need to go shopping for whatever club(s) you need.

Club Guy Golf works with you to determine what is best for you so you can get the right clubs for your current game.

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Swing Coaching by the Minute
Swing Coaching by the Minute
Swing Coaching by the Minute - A radical new concept to coach you to the swing you want.  

Curtis - The Club Guy will get your swing back on track for just $1.50 per minute.

Don't be fooled, these short, easily digestible swing basics seem like quick fixes, but are actually long term adjustments that lead to a better overall swing/game.

The Club Guy specializes in golfers with handicaps or disabilities that may limit what you're able to do.  He will work with you and your limitations to get the most out of your swing.  

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Putter Fittings & Coaching

Are you tired of buying one expensive putter after another in the hope of lowering your score or taking lessons in the hope that this will cure your putting woes?

"It's important to have a properly fitted putter and the proper putting techniques that fits your style.

I do both; fit your putter for length, weight, grip, loft and lie. Then I will coach you on key putting techniques that will match and enhance your ability to putt."

Only by having both done can you expect to lower your score. Come see me and let me show you just how I can help you lower your score by 5 stokes or more.

Club Guy Golf Mission Statement

Our Mission at Club Guy Golf is to bring heightened excitement and enjoyment to each of our clients by instilling a new level of performance to their golf game.

We are passionate about creating a way to play that is unique to each individual. We address their personal needs, whether it is equipment, technique, or physical abilities/limitations. The Club Guy’s two decades of expertise is fully utilized to accomplish this quest as every golfer needs and deserves a Club Guy!


Meet Mike HawkinsClub Guy in Training:

Mike has played golf for over six decades now. Having spent most of his youth as a social golfer, he became more serious about his game and his golf clubs at age 40.

Having retired from an information technology career in 2015, he uses his attention to detail to apply to his pursuit of golf and building of golf clubs. For 25 years, Mike has been getting custom clubs made at golf shops with professional club makers so he fully understands the value of how precise fittings helps every golfer.

He recently completed a three day training class in club fitting and club repair at GolfWorks in Ohio. Mike also knows a great deal about golf ball fitting.

Mike covers the shop on Wednesdays and on other days when he helps the Club Guy. Last but not least, he is the one who came up with our main tag line: “Every golfer needs a Club Guy!”

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11301 Penny Rd.
Suite E
Cary, NC 27518

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